Roasting Breadfruit & Chickpeas On A Cast Iron Griddle In The Oven

In this video I would show you How To Make Roasted Breadfruit & Chickpeas On A Cast Iron Griddle In The Oven


Ingredients List


πŸ’– How To Prepare Breadfruit As The Base For Other Recipes:

πŸ’– Breadfruit Playlist:

πŸ’– Mango Chutney:

πŸ’–Green Seasoning:

πŸ’– Ginger, garlic paste:

πŸ’– Creole Seasoning Blend Video:

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πŸ’– Electric Lighter:

πŸ’– Meat Thermometer:

πŸ’– Pink Salt:

πŸ’– Gluten free pasta

πŸ’– Sea salt (

πŸ’– Frank’s Hot Sauce:

πŸ’– Gluten Free Seasoned Crumbs:

πŸ’–Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herb Seasoning blend:

πŸ’– Knorr Chicken stock cube :

πŸ’– Dried thyme (

πŸ’– Presto Kitchen Kettle Multi Cooker:

πŸ’– Gluten Free Flour :

πŸ’– Rice Flour:

πŸ’– Lawry’s seasoned salt (

πŸ’– Green Cardamom:

πŸ’– Coriander powder:

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